Mary got her start in music learning classical violin when she joined the Irving Independent School District’s orchestra program in 1977. She continued to play all through school and picked up piano in middle school when her mother got a piano for the home.

When Mary started teaching, she was motivated to learn acoustic guitar so she could play along with her students.

Mary has always had an interest in singing from the time she participated in the youth choir at the church in which she grew up. She wanted to develop that interest further, so in 2000, Mary started learning from a vocal teacher with a master’s degree in vocal training.

In the past 14 years, Mary has sung in the choir or worship teams of the churches she has attended. When she wasn’t singing, she was playing the violin.

Mary has been a well established private music instructor in Johnson and Tarrant counties since 1990 and has had the privilege of teaching many, many students over those years as young as 2 and adults to 80 years old at various learning levels.

Mary’s goal while teaching is to not only teach musical skills, but also to help each student fall in love with music. And keeping the focus that the gift of music should not only enrich the lives of her student’s, but should allow her student’s to enrich the lives of others as well.